Who He's supposed to be?

 In my studying this morning, I was looking at a passage I have read many times, but caused some serious reflection in me today.  Its the story of Jesus feeding the 5000, and its actually found in all four gospels, one of the few stories that is in all the gospels ((Matthew 14-Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6-Mark 6:31-44; Luke 9-Luke 9:12-17; John 6-John 6:1-14)) Anyways, after the miracle, there is this ending, which I think we gloss over because we are so excited by the miracle, and the huge miracle of feeding 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish becomes our focus. And it truthfully is the main point of the story, but the ending has a great point too. After this miracle, the people get all excited, as you would having just experienced that miracle. They are all excited and they say "Surely this must be the Prophet that was to come".  It then says something interesting. "Jesus knew that they were about to come and seize him in order to make him king by force, so he went off ag

A little Patience in a Time like this

 One of the questions I most often as myself, is "what does my action say about Jesus?" Its a logical question, because after all, Christians are Christ's ambassadors here on earth. We are supposed to represent Him, His love, purposes, grace, kindness, gentleness and forgiveness.  Imagine for a second that you were the Canadian Ambassador to another country. While you're there, you're constantly seen saying things like "This country sucks, the people here suck, the food sucks, everyone is annoying, the government is a bunch of idiots, etc." Not many people in that country are going to like you I assume.  And beyond that, not many people are going to like the country you claim to represent right? So why, as Christians, who represent Christ, do we act like that?  Why do we get caught up in the world, and fill our mouths with negativity and criticism?  I have noticed that as we get more frustrated with the pandemic, we have less patience. Those two are link

Church vs/and Politics

 This is something that I think we should consider, in light of everything going on around us.  The church, and politics. Now, I dont want to discuss how you should vote. I dont want to discuss if Christians can/should run for office. I dont want to discuss how everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.  What I want to discuss, is how much time you spend contemplating or meditating upon these two subjects.  Think back about your week for a second. Think about how much you saw on the news, on social media, in your email, about all that is going on politically with our neighbors to the south, and even in our own political realm. Think for second about how much time you spent consuming those events, and then also think about how much time afterwards you spent talking about them with your husband/wife, your friend, your family or co-worker. Now take that total time and remember it.  And now, think about how much time you spent reading the Word this week. How much time did you spend studying

New Year, New Theme

 If you happened to catch our Sunday Service this past week, you'll see that we have a new theme, and new guiding verse for the year.  Its available now on YouTube, at if you want to go now and check it out.  In there, we discuss our guiding verse, 1 Cor. 12:12-14, where Paul talks about the body of believers. He discusses the need for unity, and diversity.  If we have unity, but no diversity, it becomes uniformity. If we have diversity, but no unity, it becomes anarchy. Warren Wiersbe said that, and today, it still rings true for God's church. We need unity and diversity, and we need them to be walked hand in hand.  God gave us each different gifts, skills, talents and abilities, and we need them all to be working together for this church to really work the way its supposed to be.  I think about a runner. A runner, uses so much more than just his/her feet to run. You need your feet, ankles, toes, knees, hips, core, arms, shoulders, lungs, an

Looking Back and Looking Forward

 This is a weird week in the year. It's that week between Christmas and New Years where no one is really sure what day of the week it is, what time it is. I showed up today for an appointment and immediately thought I had the wrong day becauase the medical office parking lot was empty, save my car and one other.  Its that time of the year where we reflect back upon the year that was, and look forward to the year that will be.  And what a year this year has been.  But looking back at 2020, despite the dumpster fire that it has been at times, there is still so much to be grateful for.  In my life, my wife and I welcomed the safe arrival of our son. We were blessed by being part of the marriage of two of our best friends, who also go to our church. My brother welcome his third daughter a week after our son arrived, they will be very close cousins. We have an amazing family, who have been so supportive and understanding and loving. We have had many facetimes and zoom calls with family

The Virtual Church

 Well, a lot has changed in the last week already for our church, and the province as a whole. Its expected that this morning the Premier will announce a province-wide lockdown that starts at 12:01 on Christmas eve. That's only 3 days away.  What does that mean for us? Well it means that we will likely be returning to virtual-only services. We have been doing a hybrid format of some in person, and some online, since our return to church in June of this year. Even though we had returned to church, we still carried on our Livestream services, and continued to make adjustments and improvements there. We did that for 2 reasons.  The first, is because when we returned, we knew that very likely there would come a point where we would have to revert back to just online services. So we knew we should keep improving in that arena, for this very moment.  The second, and in my opinion more important reasons, is that in 2020 FAR too many churches still have no online presence. For years now ha


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